Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zucchini Quick Skillet

Lions and Tigers and Zucchini, oh no! It's zucchini harvest time. Neighbors are hiding, teens are loading their airsoft guns, husbands are pleading, and children are whining, "give me broccoli, give me yams, but please, not the zucchini." Well, this recipe has a spicy kick, so it may not be so awful after all.

Fry as much peeled, sliced zucchini as you have available in a heavy skillet primed with olive or coconut oil. Just as the zucchini turns bright green, toss in some cooked black beans* to warm through. Sprinkle in as much red pepper flakes as you like. The last minute of cooking, add cubed tomatoes. Season to taste Serve with brown rice* if desired.
*To save time, cook a huge pot of beans and another of rice on a day when you're cleaning house or doing laundry. Freeze them in portion-size ziplock bags to be pulled out on demand.

VARIATION: use grated parmesan in place of the beans and Italian seasoning instead of red pepper. Toss with whole grain pasta.

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