Friday, August 19, 2011

I Used to Eat Peanut Butter

But now I enjoy Tahini (sesame seed paste) even more! Tahini is less allergenic than nut butters, has a high calcium content, has less fat, and is really inexpensive and easy to make. Here's how:

Pour a single layer of seeds into a dry skillet and heat on a medium low setting, stirring occasionally, until seeds have a golden roasted color.

Pour the seeds into a food processor and add 2 Tb. olive oil for every cup of seeds. Process until smooth. If it seems too dry, add more oil.

Use it like peanut butter - on pitas, toast, celery - or use to make hummus. You can also add lemon juice, garlic and soy sauce to it to make a dressing for salads, noodles, grains or vegetables.

To your health and happiness,

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  1. This is brilliant. I can't justify paying $8 for a jar of the stuff - but I can get the seeds super cheap at my Asian market :D