Friday, August 12, 2011


I was reading some relationship principles in Bonds That Make Us Free by Terry Warner. These principles apply to changing our nutritional lifestyle.

I'm sure everyone who has every tried to make an improvement of diet has at times "fallen off the wagon." No person becomes his ideal overnight without some regression and recommitment.

This is what Warner has to say about relapsing:
1. When we slip, we tend to slip a lot
2. We will return to the old, familiar patterns when we slip
3. After a change of heart, we become agents to decide whether we will indulge in the old habits. Choosing not to indulge doesn't mean our susceptibility will go away. But the less we indulge, the weaker our susceptibility becomes.

Here is what is most instructive from the author. "We activate that susceptibility if we begin to betray ourselves again. A relapse can be a minimal and instructive thing - indeed, part of a normal process of our growth - or else it can plunge us into a condition even worse than before....We determine by our response which it will be."

His final advice is to continue to decide at each and every crossroad to sustain the change.
Adopting a plant-strong nutritional approach is a lifelong commitment!

To your health and happiness,

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