Friday, August 12, 2011

Don't Say Deprivation!

Scarcity or Abundance?
Do you believe in a world of shortages that is shrivelled, closed, and limited?

Or do you believe in a world of plenty that is inviting, giving, welcoming?

I see the planet yielding ALL to us!

I see nature's God as magnanimous and eager to bless earth's children with all the richness of its resources. Food, minerals, clothing, shelter, wealth - it's all there for the labor of harvesting it.

So it doesn't seem to me that "dieting" - also known as deprivation - is a truth in line with our reality as human beings. We are lords and stewards over the whole planet! Therefore following phrases do not belong in our worldview:
  • It's too much
  • I really shouldn't
  • I can't
  • I'll skip it
Now, I'm NOT advocating gluttony. What I'm saying is that if we partake of wholeness and life as ordained by our maker, we will be satisfied. We won't need to go hungry in order to keep our calorie count in line or need to sacrifice taste and treats in order to be healthy.

We can feel grateful and blessed for all the food we CAN have. We can see a rainbow of options and eat as much as our bodies need to be full and energetic.

For example:
When dieters pass on dessert, we can choose from a myriad of juicy, ripe fruits.
When dieters sacrifice a high-calorie entree, we can have a cyclops-size salad with a generous grain and legume dish.
When dieters go without breakfast, we can feast on sprouts, nuts, smoothies and more.

Edna St. Vincent Millay wrote that the world is no wider than the heart, no higher than the soul. (from the poem, Renascence) If deprivation is the lens through which we look, scarcity is what we'll get. I say, let gratitude be the yardstick of our existence!

To your health & happiness,

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