About Me

Hello! I'm Hailey, a nearly 50 nutritarian who loves gardening, family, exercise, sunshine and health. My name comes from "hale," meaning: sound, whole, healthy, robust, not impaired.

A plant strong diet brings me:
  • Gratitude and sense of abundance
  • Freedom
  • Joy and lightness of spirit
  • Vitality
  • Energy and movement

I believe a wise and powerful God provided all wholesome plants for our prudent and grateful use, and that we can receive physical,mental and spiritual strength by following His plan. 

I became nutritarian in January 2011 as an attempt to overcome sluggishness, sugar addiction and high blood pressure. I have never looked back.
I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

To your health and happiness,


P.S. To find out more about what I believe, please visit