Monday, August 8, 2011

Eat Life!

Any fly fisherman knows that when driven by hunger, a trout will gulp flies made of synthetic thread and metal hooks – if they’re appealing enough. Look and smell can be so tempting that hypothetically, a trout could ingest a whole tackle box of flies! In such a case, its stomach would be filled, but it would probably be sick …and it would still be voraciously hungry.

The lesson of this tale is that the fish’s appetite is real; it is only the lures that are bogus. However, a live insect would not only satiate the trout; it would also stop the fish from eating any more because the nutritional need would be satisfied.

On a parallel, when I have a food craving, my nutritional need is real. But if I binge on Twinkies, I cannot be satiated. In fact, I may feel even greater desires to eat more. Yet here is the truth: by feasting on the bounties of nature’s harvest instead, my cravings disappear! The more live, whole food I eat, the less I am drawn to “plastic and cardboard” counterfeits. I loose my desire for fake foods, dressed up as treats, convenient snacks, comfort foods, and appetite pleasers.

When I feel an urge to snitch a tempting sugar-fix or fat-fill-up, my body is telling me it has a real need. I should not ignore it; it should feed it! The key is to nourish it with something nutrient dense that will bring deep satisfaction right down to the cells. Is it a lure, or is it the real thing?

I can cure and prevent cravings by feasting on what truly brings vibrancy to my being. Eat life!

To your health and happiness,


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