Friday, August 19, 2011

Too Hard? I think Not

I like to be challenged! You do too, believe it or not. You might think you are happier staying in your comfort zone. But then why do the gym classes that push your limits have higher enrollment than the ones that allow you slack off. Why do children languish when school is easy but thrive when they are at the edge of their abilities? Why do you feel so fulfilled when you have conquered a new skill?

When I talk to people who think a nutritarian diet is too hard, I want to remind them how exhilarated they felt when they climbed a summit and viewed the breathtaking scene below. I want to proclaim, "Take the pain up front! You'll be miserable if you don't make the climb." That's because in the long run, the more difficult path is staying on the standard American diet, which brings obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune diseases.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman has an excellent post on his blog, Disease Proof, which reminds us that the challenge of nutritious eating is worth the effort. When someone says, "Oh, I could never do that," he says,
  • I could never have rubber bands put on painful hemorrhoids by a rectal specialist.

  • I could never worry about running to catch a bus, for fear of having a heart attack.

  • I could never have such severe stomach cramps that emergency room personnel would assume it was a heart attack.

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