Monday, November 7, 2011

Wahoo! It works!

I just got my results back from the health fair at the gym: My calculated body age is 23! However, my actual calendar age is 48. The calculation is based on height/weight ratio, waist/hip measurements, and body fat percentage/BMI calculation.

I have been nutritarian for 10 months and feel as vibrant as twenty-something. Now I have tangible proof! My blood draw (blood lipids, iron, etc) looks good, too.

Here are my stats:
Cholesterol 152 (less than 200 is the recommendation)
Triglycerides 67 (should be below 200; extremely sensitive to diet)
HDL's (good cholesterol) 56 (the higher the better up to 75)
LDL's (bad cholesterol) 82 ("normal" ranges from 50 to 129)
Iron 113 (should measure between 37 and 145)
Blood pressure 130/70
Pulse 60
Height 5'10"
Weight 140 lbs.
Waist 32" (More than 35" is overweight)
Hip 37"
Body Fat 23.8% (For women 21-14% is fit, 25-31% is average; 32%+ is obese)
BMI 20.1 (Ideal is less than 23; 24 is overweight)

Without listing more numbers, I'll just say my hemoglobin and hematocrit look great! Many people believe if these are low, you should eat more red meat. But I don't eat any red meat at all and the readings are not sub-normal whatsoever. Another interesting indicator was the total protein. Very low values suggest malnutrition, while high values point to dehydration or chronic inflammation. Here again, my statistics were within a healthy range.

It certainly has been worth the journey to change my lifestyle. I'm not going back!
To your health and happiness,

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